Capitano Ettore Falco

Dashing Italian war hero and daredevil.


30 years old. 5’8" tall, 178lb. Clean shaven and fairly good looking, sports a pencil moustache. Has a long scar on his left cheek acquired during a fencing bout.

Falco is highly patriotic and supports the new Fascist government under Mussolini as a positive force for modernising Italy, but has not yet joined the Party (Zuccarelli, an active Party member, occasionally teases him about this). He has found it difficult to adjust to the relative tedium of postwar life, and actively seeks out opportunities for physical adventure. Falco retains the hand-to-hand fighting skills from his Arditi days and still carries the Sardinian resolza (folding knife) with which he despatched so many Austrians.

Falco speaks only a few words of English and has been relying on the language skills of his co-driver, plus an Italian-English phrasebook, to communicate while travelling across France and England.


Born: 17/04/1893, Treviso, Italy to Giovanni and Carla Falco. His family own a chemicals factory and are quite rich. Ettore attended the University of Bologna, ostensibly to study art, although he never exhibited much talent and spent most of his time playing sport and partying. However, while there he became enamoured with the Futurist movement of the early 20th century and its celebration of speed, youth, technology and violence. He managed to scrape a pass but was considered a wastrel by his father. In some ways the Great War came along just in time for Ettore – an athletic but not terribly academic young man.

Falco became a member of the Arditi – Italian shock troops, skilled at storming and holding enemy trenches, motto: “O la vittoria, o tutti accoppati” meaning “We either win, or we all die”. He survived the war with a distinguished record of service, and finally gained the admiration of his parents.

After the war he remained in the army and has sought adventure in various ways, including mountaineering and car racing. He has just completed an endurance run from Rome to London, driving a Lancia, with his co-driver and mechanic, Tenente (lieutenant) Orsino Zuccarelli. He and Zuccarelli served together in the Arditi and have a friendly relationship despite their difference in rank.

Capitano Ettore Falco

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