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My Lords, Ladies and Gentlemen, it is with the greatest of pleasure that the the Directors and staff of the Compagnie Internationale de Wagon-Lits (CIWL) welcome you to join us for your travels through the greatest cities of Europe. Our jounrey can take you from London to Constantinople.

We do not call this merely “travel” – joining us is so much more than that. Experience the magnificence of this epic jounrey through foreign climes and countries in the ultimte modern luxury. Your every desire will be catered for by our experienced and dedicated staff. Our berths are the height of modern luxury and convenience with restaurant and lounge cars, comfortable sleeping cabins and observations platforms to take in the majestic sights which await you on this epic voyage


The year is 1923. It is five years after the end of the Great War – that terrible conflict which scarred a generation of young men and women and which has wrought unprecedented changes in societies across the world. Life is starting to return to normal for those unaffected by tragedy, death and maiming of the war.

Perhaps there is some hope for the new age….. despite the ominous goings on in Russia, the continued instability in Germany, the dis-memberment of the Hapsburg Empire and the emergence of dark political forces elsewhere in Europe. The economies of Western Europe are coming back to life, work is available for people again.Even women’s emancipation is beginning to take root in some parts of Europe.

The wealthy are often the first to recover their passion for life and enjoyment, and 1923 is no different. Luxury and adventure draw people – young and old – to enjoy the marvels, delights and spirit of the age.

Our Travels in Europe on the Orient Express

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