Henry Arthur Harrington's Diary


Well the time has come for me to no longer work, but what shall I do? I would like to carry on working with trains as they are such a wondrous thing and are the future of the world travel. Perhaps I could look into getting my own company with some of the train designs and Ideas that I have, but this would require some serious backing by some richer men than I.

As part of my retirement I was gifted a fine pocket watch which I can rely on keeping good time with, and a fantastic gift of an expenses paid trip along the orient express and back on which route I would like. I have taken a look into such routes offered on the fantastic journey...


I also received one of my letters from a long standing pen pal and childhood friend Professor Smith

- Dec 20th, 1922

Invitation to the seminar

After receiving an invitation from a long lost friend, Professor Julius Arthur Smith, whom I have only had contact with via pen since our teenage years, I have headed into London to go to one of his seminars.

While travelling through London, I could tell we were heading to the more luxurious part of this beloved city of my old work place. The Grovener was the meeting place and where I would be staying upon special invite by Professor Smith. It seems like I needed to update my attire as the men seem to be all in rather posh clothing, and I stood out rather a lot. Step one was to find a barbers who and the least imposing to me was one called Shear Joy. I got a rather clean cut and my moustache was made to look rather impressive (I might come back here again if in these parts). My next stop was to fine suitable attire which I would be able to afford. After some searching I was able to find a second hand evening suit, which would be passable in most peoples eyes.

- Jan 1st, 1923

Henry Arthur Harrington's Diary

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