Reginald Wentworth

Tall handsome guy, who comes across as slightly vain in appearance


Tall handsome guy, who comes across as slightly vain in appearance. Favours a nice comfortable expensive suit and is not one to be on show by conforming to societies need to dress up for every single occasion.


Recently been part of the “Bright Young People” scene in London, where he has lived the bohemian lifestyle of many young and rich aristocrats in the roaring 1920’s.

He is now traveling across the continent in search of other bohemian experiences after growing bored with the scene back home, also hinting at family disapproval of his lifestyle choices. This does have the disadvantage of cash flow problems, but luckily he has a kind benefactor and has a knack for winning card games; though he is always generous with his winnings so most people don’t mind.

He is accompanied by his loyal butler on this trip.

Only a few know, including Sir Stephen, that Reginald is having a relationship with his butler. This is the main thing that his family disapprove of and is causing all the money flow issues.

Reginald Wentworth

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