Henry Arthur Harrington

Retired Train Engineer



Devout Christian
Would like to start his own train locomotive company

Significant People

Wife – Esther (RIP)
Brother – John Edmund Harrington (RIPBattle of Albert, 1–13 July 1916)

Meaningful Locations

London – Place of work
Bray – Place of residence, Place of engagement
Paris – Meeting place with wife for 1st time

Treasured Possessions

Pocket watch – retirement gift
Photo of wife
Brothers Army Medals
Tools – use to tinker, create, fix small things


Enjoys Firearms
Like to have a drink from time to time
enjoys Ballroom Dancing
Makes and fixes things for a hobby

Injuries and Scars

Simple scars from his time as a train engineer on his arms

Phobias and Manias

Wife Died in a restaurant mysteriously choking on her own blood (Oesophageal Varices), when he sees people choking it brings back bad memories and he goes catatonic
Flying causes absolute fear (MAN WAS NOT MEANT TO FLY)

Arcane Tomes, Spells and Artifacts

Encounters with Strange Entities

Gear and Possessions

Cash and Assets

Spending Level – Average (reasonable comfort)
Cash – 3500
Assets – House in Bray, stocks in London and North Eastern Railway


Personal Description:

A retired Train Engineer who worked on the 1000 Flying Scotsman. (Company was London and North Eastern Railway)

Henry Arthur Harrington’s Diary

Henry Arthur Harrington

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