Our Travels in Europe on the Orient Express

London 1923

'What is this mist, Effendi?'

Dr Habib arrives in London with his friends the Bannermans. Leaving them at their hotel he travels across London to attend a lecture. It’s foggy and Habib has not encountered such a thing before.
‘My good man, what is this mist?’ he asks the cabbie.
‘Welcome to London, guv’nor’ says the cockney driver.
He has an ornate bag slung across his back. A posh looking cat peers out and makes a disgruntled sound.
‘There there, my princess. It is just water. Put your head down and you will not get wet.’
Teo retreats not liking it one little bit.
Niether does Habib. he turns up his collar and mutters ‘………..welcome to London indeed.’



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